EPISODE 006: Family Camp with the Skit Guys




We’ve got a great episode this week with The Skit Guys!

Thats Tommy Woodard and Eddie James who have been best friends since high school. They fell in love with acting through the school theater production and found out they have a knack for making people laugh.

Through guidance from their youth pastor, they started creating skits for their youth group. They then continued to make meaningful skits, and even videos for the church and through their website. Tom and Eddie have preformed live at conferences and church events, and all of their content, skits, scripts and short films, can be found online.

Today they will with us about their story, as well as their new movie, Family Camp, which release everywhere on June 28th. They’ll give us some behind the scenes into the movie as well as remind us how we can encourage the children in our ministries to start to live into their God given potentials.

Thanks for joining in and being a part of the tribe.


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