EPISODE 013: Kidmin In the Trenches with Esther Moreno




This week on the show we welcome our new friend Esther Moreno. Esther Moreno has dedicated her life to reaching the next generation for Christ. She has over 15 years of Children’s Ministry experience across various churches and denominations. She is one of the hosts of Children’s Ministry Today on Fishbowl Radio Network. In addition to hosting monthly live webinars on social media, she leads virtual trainings for Children’s Ministry departments all over the country.

Esther is a gifted speaker, teacher, and author. She holds a Masters in Christian Education from Ashland Theological Seminary. She currently lives in Huntsville, Alabama with her husband Guylando and their two beautiful children, Grace and Gideon.

You are not going to want to miss this interview! You will love Esther and her heart to reach leaders and raise up the next generation.


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