We are changing our name! Learn why and get a Free Mini-Movie. Watch this video:

Hey Ministry Leader!

Have you ever done something and people were confused by it? I have. That’s what happened to us in relation to our name.

We’ve heard the confusion every time we’ve heard these questions: 

Do you spell it out?

Is it numbers? Letters?

There’s a colon, right?

What numbers are in the name?

Is it a Bible Verse? It’s it the time?

So, *spoiler alert*, we’re changing our name. Here’s why.

It started with the best intentions though. My wife, Katie, and I originally wanted a name that described how our company (and you) do ministry. It’s not about the flash of graphics and videos; but it’s about discipleship. So, in Mark 12:30, Jesus summed up authentic ministry by saying it’s when we “Love God and Love People”. 

We couldn’t say it any better!  So we edited Mark 12:30 down to Twelve Thirty Media. It seemed clear to us. But as grew, the name has been a challenge for those we serve. You. 

Well, we heard you. And we’re changing our name (even though we always want to help see changed lives and not just be about being flashy). The NAME will ultimately help everyone remember it AND create a tighter focus on what we do really well.

I know you’re ready to know, but the team’s not quite ready to reveal the name. There’s a ton of work to prepare for a very clear, organized launch of our new brand.

Thank you for letting me share this with you. Let me give you a brand-new, FREE Mini-Movie for your time. 

School is back in session, and we would love to give you a fun Mini-Movie from our kids library.

It’s at

Just use the promo code SCHOOL at checkout to make the video free.

Again, and use the promo code SCHOOL to make the video free.


For a Game and to hear about our big news, watch this video:

Hey Ministry Leader! 

You’re so busy, with so much to do, so I’ll be quick. I have 2 things that will make your life easier! One is a gift of visuals that you’d expect from us. And I’ll give you a code to get them for FREE.

But first, let me make a huge announcement. Later this year, Twelve Thirty Media and Twelve Thirty kids is getting a new name! This new brand will make it even easier for you to find INSTANT solutions when you’re looking for high-quality and affordable visual church content. 

You’ve probably heard my story. I understand you. That’s why I started Twelve Thirty Media back in 2015. I was overwhelmed after working in an international ministry and at 2 large churches. It’s difficult having to produce media content for multiple campuses! — but you know that, right? 

That’s why the Lord prompted me to help ministries produce high quality and affordable visuals — because communicating the Gospel matters! 

So what’s the new name? Our team is ALMOST ready to announce it. But…that’ll come very soon. In the meantime? Thanks for letting us support you over the years. 

Let me bless you with a gift! We just released a new BIBLE SUBMARINE Game — and I want you to have it for FREE. 

Go to 

Use the code NAMECHANGE (all one word) at checkout to make this game FREE. 

Oh, and hang-on for our NAME announcement soon — you’ll be glad you did! 

We LOVE being on this ministry journey with YOU. Thank you for all you do for the Kingdom.

We want to serve your Kids Minsitry!

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