Asteroid Adventure: Game

Hello Encounter Crew and welcome to the Spaceship Endeavor! We are on a special mission today to recover the lost Crystal of Hope. It is floating somewhere out in space. It is a bright red jewel, so Keep an eye out for it along the way. We have to be very careful on our journey because the evil alien Zerg and his spacecraft are out and about. If you are ready to take off give me a big shout saying “Takeoff”!


What's Included

Video Content

  • Full Game Video


  • Title Motion

    Motion Backgrounds

  • Title Graphic

    Title Graphics

Product Details

This simple game includes everything you’ll need to play in a large group gathering. We have included one Full Long-Form Video file to play this fun game with your group. All Video Content will download to your machine as HD video files compatible with all leading Presentation Software.