Do Not Fear: Game

“Do not fear” is the most quoted phrase in the Bible because of Jesus, we can be confident in the face of things that may be a little scary. Life can be full of things that might make us a little fearful. In this game, you will be given two options for scary things. Pick the one that makes you a little fearful. If it is the thing on the right, move to the right side of the room. If it is the thing on the left, move to the left side of the room. Are you ready?
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What's Included

Video Content

  • Full Game Video


  • Title Motion

    Motion Backgrounds

  • Blank Motion

    Motion Backgrounds

Still Content

  • Title Graphic

    Title Graphics

  • Blank Graphic

    Title Graphics

Product Details

This simple game includes everything you’ll need to play in a large group gathering. We have included one Full Long-Form Video file to play this fun game with your group. All Video Content will download to your machine as HD video files compatible with all leading Presentation Software.