Lunchbox Shakeup: Game

Get your taste buds ready for Lunchbox Shakeup, the thrilling game of guessing which food item will pop out of the shaking lunchbox! Can you predict whether it will be a corndog, an ice cream sandwich, a chicken salad sandwich, chocolate chip pancakes, a strawberry milkshake, a bacon cheeseburger, or buttered popcorn? Test your intuition and have a deliciously fun time playing!


What's Included

Motion Content Included



  • Title Motion

    Motion Backgrounds

  • Background Motion

    Motion Backgrounds

  • Photoshop Design Source File

    Design Source File

  • WideScreen Title Graphic

    Title Graphics

  • WideScreen Blank Graphic

    Title Graphics

Square Graphic Content

  • Square Title Graphic

    Social Media Content

  • Blank Square Graphic

    Social Media Content

Story Social Content

  • Title Story Graphic

    Social Media Content

  • Blank Story Graphic

    Social Media Content

Product Details

This simple Game includes everything you’ll need to play in a large group gathering. We have included one Full Long-Form Video files for you to play this fun game with your group. All Video Content will download to your machine as HD video files compatible with all leading Presentation Software.