Weigh It Out – Christmas Edition: Game

Put on your thinking caps and get ready for everyone’s favorite game, Weight It Out – Christmas Edition. The game where you decide which item weighs more. The kids in your church will love this creative and interactive game that challenges them to compete about which Christmas item weighs the most.


What's Included

Video Content

  • Full Game Video


Title Graphics

  • Title Still

    Title Graphics

Social Media Square Content

  • Square Title Graphic

    Social Media Content

  • Square Blank Graphic

    Social Media Content

Social Media Story Content

  • Story Title Graphic

    Social Media Content

  • Story Blank Graphic

    Social Media Content

Product Details

Each Game from our Library includes everything you’ll need to play in a large group gathering. We include Full Long-Form Video files to play with your kids. All Video Content will download to your machine as HD video files compatible with all leading Presentation Software. All Graphic Design Content will be downloaded as editable Photoshop Files, .JPG and .PNG images.