5 ProPresenter Hacks for Kids Ministry

If you are in kids ministry, I am sure you have come across ProPresenter. ProPresenter is a powerful multimedia software widely used in churches, including kid’s ministries, to create engaging and impactful presentations. With its versatile features and capabilities, ProPresenter can greatly enhance the visual experience for children while delivering... read more

5 Tips for Behavior Management at Church

While behavior modification is NOT the goal of children’s ministry, behavior management is still a very real challenge we face as kidmin leaders. So to help you wrangle in the madness and create an environment your kids and volunteers will love, use these 5 tips for behavior management at church. 1.... read more

5 Awesome Pre-Service Games and Toys

What on earth are you supposed to do with that time between when parents drop their kids off and your children’s service actually begins? Play, of course! I don’t know what you call it – we call it “Hang Time.” It’s a chance for volunteers and kids to just hang... read more