Plan a Pirate Night with your Kids

We love creating themed Media Packs for Kids Ministries. We would love to hear from you on packs you would like us to create! Feel free to Contact Us and share your ideas with us.

One theme that we’ve gotten from Kids Leaders that we’ve created media for is a Pirate theme.

We have several products in our Media Library that would really help you plan a Pirate Night or a Pirate themed event at your church.


Check out these Editable Pirate Night Graphics. We’ve given you a design to use and blank versions for you to add your own text:

Purchase these graphics or download them with your subscription here.

We also have an entire Series Box called X MARKS THE SPOT filled with a Pirate Themed Game, Countdown, Editable Graphics and Motion Backgrounds and more.

X Marks the Spot: Game

X Marks the Spot: Mini-Movie

X Marks the Spot: Countdown


You can purchase all X MARKS THE SPOT Products here.

We have dozens of themed Service Packs that would be perfect for many occasions with your kids.