Three Keys to Great Worship Times with Kids

God has created all of us for worship and I mean all of us… this includes kids of all ages, and that’s why we created this blog, 15 Free Worship Videos for Kids! Worship should not be something that ‘the adults do’ but worship should be a part of every Christian kid’s life. It is amazing to watch kids worship and connect with Him and I know this pleases the Lord greatly. It is even more awesome watching God connect with the kids as they worship Him.

We encourage every church to have kids worship times. These worship times can be done in all kinds of ways. Some churches have worship bands for kids church, some use Scripture music and videos to lead worship with volunteers upfront, and others may only have a speaker. However it works for your church, we encourage you to have worship times for your kids.

Here are Three Keys to Great Worship Times with Kids:

1. Have a few vertical songs of kids worship for them to connect with God
2. Make scripture part of the worship times
3. Be a worshipper yourself

Seeds Family Worship has over 250 kids’ worship songs & videos so you can create meaningful worship times for your children! There are also lots of other great ministries that provide awesome kids music and worship videos for churches. In this blog, we want to share with you 15 Free Worship Videos for Kids that we have found on YouTube. We hope this will help you discover great ministries that create worship music and videos for kids.

1. John 14:6 & 1 John 5:11-12 – The Life by Seeds Family Worship

2. What a Beautiful Name by Hillsong Kids

3. I Will Follow by Summit Kids

4. Psalm 20:7 – We Trust by Seeds Family Worship


Listen to The Kids Ministry Collective Podcast hosted by Tom Bump.


5. My Lighthouse by WeAreWorship

6. Heartbeat by Gateway Worship

7. Matthew 28:19 – Go (Hand Motions) by Seeds Family Worship

8. I Will Obey by Crossings Community Church

9. The Gospel by Summit Kids

10. Joshua 1:9 – Be Strong And Courageous (Hand Motions) by Seeds Family Worship

11. I Give You My Hallelujah by Hillsong Kids

12. Way Maker by Allstars Kids Club


13. Matthew 6:20-21 – Treasure by Seeds Family Worship

14. The Lord’s Prayer by Summit Kids

15. Peace Like a River by Listener Kids (pre-school)

We want to see Kids Worshipping!

Overall, we want to bless as many families and churches with quality, worship videos for kids, because we believe that the Bible is God’s truth that changes lives! Our mission as a ministry is to plant “seeds” using the truth of God’s Word inside every child’s heart. Whether we are using Scripture music or hand-motion videos, we want kids to learn, memorize, and love Scripture while worshipping God! With the Lord’s ongoing blessing on our ministry, we will continue to create resources for families & churches so all kids can be singing God’s Word!

This blog post  ‘15 Free Worship Video for Kids’ was originally posted on Seeds Family Worship and reposted here with permission from the author.